Elementary School

Elementary Grades K-6 

A standard full year pace is 36 weeks. Every course has a unique pacing guide to assist students in staying on target for successful completion. Students in elementary grades can withdraw from a course but that decision will affect academic progression. All course requirements must be met in one grade before a student can be promoted to the next. The school continues to utilize course content provided by Connections that is taught by Pennsylvania certified teachers. Connections Academy’s accredited online elementary curriculum stresses the fundamentals, and students focus on the core subjects: reading, writing, science, math, and social studies.

Each student and family is provided an elementary certified teacher from Esperanza Cyber to help them navigate the learning path, ensure academic progression, and provide 1:1 tutoring as needed.

Each student is enrolled in up to (8) courses and an  ECCS elementary teacher manages the enrollment with Connections, orientation to the school and Connections, and provides support to the families and students with tutoring as needed. The ECCS elementary teacher also provides a PSSA Skills course for grades 3-6 in ELA, math, and in grade 4 science.

Planned Courses:

  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Physical Education
  • Art
  • Music
  • Technology


In online kindergarten courses at Connections Academy, students become curious, creative learners. By introducing students to the fundamentals, virtual kindergarten helps them develop basic computer skills, better listening comprehension, mathematical thinking, and more.

First Grade

Connections Academy’s online first grade courses are designed to enhance the fundamental skills that students developed in kindergarten. They allow students to grow in a flexible learning environment, which serves as a great alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar public and homeschool first grade classes. In virtual first grade, students start to build reading fluency, explore the natural world, learn addition and subtraction, and experiment with color, line, and shape. 

Second Grade

Online second grade courses at Connections Academy focus on boosting student comprehension and critical thinking across all subject areas. Students will learn how to take measurements, use maps, identify the different states of matter, and use technology to solve problems by the time they complete their virtual second grade classes.

Third Grade

In online third grade classes at Connections Academy, students improve their analytical skills by taking a hands-on approach to learning new material. They are introduced to multiplication and division, life cycles and ecosystems, the five stages of the writing process, and more in virtual third grade classes.

Fourth Grade

Connections Academy’s online fourth grade courses are formulated to help students explore more sophisticated topics using fundamental skills. In virtual fourth grade classes, students develop well-organized compositions, explore the history of the United States, investigate the forms of energy, and apply basic math operations to fractions and decimals.

Fifth Grade

Students in online fifth grade courses at Connections Academy focus on sharpening their skills through critical thinking. In virtual fifth grade classes, students refine their knowledge of grammar and structure, math operations, physical and life science, design principles, technological applications, and United State history.

Sixth Grade

Sixth graders enter a new stage of growth and discovery. They explore literary genres, ponder ethical questions and literary themes, practice writing expressions and equations, develop statistical thinking, and discover how science affects their daily lives. Students also explore ancient civilizations and American art in virtual sixth grade courses.