High School

Students enrolled in high school are placed in courses dependent upon a diagnostic assessment in reading and mathematics, a transcript evaluation, and/or teacher recommendation. Students may enroll in courses outside the typical grade level configuration as most courses are offered on multi-academic levels.

Students earn 24 credits in order to graduate: ELA (4), Math (3), Social Studies (3), Science (3), Physical Education (1), Electives (10).

Foundations Courses

Students who need remedial instruction, starting in grade 3, are placed in a Language Arts and/or Mathematics foundations level course where they will review basic concepts; where literacy is provided at their reading levels; and where educational supports are provided in accordance with an IEP.

English Second Language Courses

ELL students who need additional support in literacy are enrolled in leveled ESL courses dependent upon ACCESS scores or other forms of diagnostic assessments. ESL courses are offered in middle and high school grades and as needed in the elementary grades.

Keystone Exams

Students are assessed three times with the Keystone Exams:

  • Algebra 1, first time in 9th grade
  • Biology, first time in 10th grade
  • Literature, first time in 11th grade

Students who do not score proficient on the exam are enrolled in subsequent years in a refresher course and sit for the exam again, through his or her 11th-grade year. If a student still has not earned proficiency, in 12th grade he or she completes a project-based assessment.

Core and Elective

Dependent upon prior year credits earned a student progresses through content areas in a personalized instructional path. Students can enroll in remedial, regular education, or honors courses all within one year if academically prepared. Advanced placement courses are offered to students in 12th grade or if academically appropriate in 11th grade.


Courses Offered:


Core (20 credits)

Elective (4 credits)

Language Arts

4 credits


Foundations or ESL credits acceptable

Cultural Perspectives

Genre Studies

Contemporary and American Literature

Postcolonial Literature

Creative Writing 1, 2

Introduction to Journalism 1, 2

AP English Composition*

AP English Literature*


3 credits


Foundations credits acceptable

Explorations in Math or

Pre-Algebra or

Algebra 1


Algebra 2

Consumer Math: Personal Finance


3 credits

Integrated Science

Biology Systems


Physical Science



AP Biology*

AP Environmental Science*

Environmental Science

Social Studies

3 credits

Contemporary World Studies

American Studies

Political Science and Economics


AP Macroeconomics*

AP United States History*

Physical Education/Health

1 credit

PE and Health



10 credits


World Language*

Career & Technology*

See content electives


* Courses may be offered via an external curriculum provider as needed.

High School Guidance Program

The guidance counselor meets with each incoming high school student every year to ensure he or she maintains a 4-year graduation plan and is college or career ready. Guidance will use curriculum provided by Naviance to ensure students are college and career ready. Guidance is also responsible for supporting students through their community service requirements.



  • College Career, and Community Service I, II, III, IV