A Day in the Life

Of a Cyber Student

Of a Cyber Teacher

The school believes that teachers who collaborate with their peers are more effective in the classroom and less likely to burn out from frustration. That is why ECCS wants all its teachers to come to the Learning Center and work together.

Teachers arrive every day to the Learning Center at 7:30 am. Their first scheduled live classroom session can start at 9:30 am. Most teachers have four to five live classroom sessions scheduled per day in a 6 period student schedule.

The live virtual classroom session focuses around helping students make connections to the asynchronous course work. Teacher use strategies such as answering questions, evaluating understanding, or remediating or enriching content in order to assist students to fully understand the lesson. Classes may hold discussions, review a video together, or perform other small group work together.

Planning and collaboration time occurs from 7:30 until 9:30 am daily and during any periods the teacher is not scheduled for a live classroom session. All staff is encouraged to eat together during the shared lunch. Teachers use this block of time to contact students or families, grade assignments, build lesson content, and attend professional development, training, and school meetings.

A teacher's day ends at 3:40 pm, but work is never done! Some teachers will communicate with students during the evenings, but that is not required.

Sample Teacher Schedule

sample teacher schedule