Standardized Testing

We assess students several times a year:

1. Upon enrollment all students complete placements tests for math, ELA, and science.
2. Benchmarks in math and ELA are given three times a year to monitor progress.
3. PA state assessments are given, scheduled for winter and spring administrations.
4. Course quizzes and exams are given throughout the scope of the course.
5. Additional testing for students with IEPs and ELL to monitor program expectations.


These diagnostic tests are used to properly enroll students in the courses that will best fit their academic needs. Throughout the year benchmark tests are given to monitor progression in math, ELA, and science in order to better plan and develop individualized learning paths for each child. Teachers and administrators closely monitor and analyze student data to ensure that program objectives are being met and that every student is given opportunities to excel and prove mastery of learning objectives.

Diagnostic/Placement Assessment in Math and Reading is scheduled for the first week of school.

Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA)

The PSSA is a standardized test that measures proficiency in reading, writing, mathematics, and science. The test also helps the school to identify program and curriculum strengths and weaknesses that further assist in school improvements.

Act 22 of the Pennsylvania Charter School Law indicates that EVERY child is required to take the scheduled tests at the appropriate grade levels.

3rd Grade: English Language Arts and Math
4th Grade: English Language Arts, Math & Science
5th Grade: English Language Arts and Math
6th Grade: English Language Arts and Math
7th Grade: English Language Arts and Math
8th Grade: English Language Arts, Math & Science

More information can be found on the Pennsylvania Department of Educations' Website. In addition each year the state provides practice tests and the school encourages parents to work with their child(ren) using these materials. Go here to find out more about how parents and students can better prepare.

Keystone Exams

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania requires all high school students to be proficient or advanced by their 11th grade year in Biology, Literature, and Algebra 1. In addition, the school must meet the School Performance Profile standards set by the state each year. These standards include student achievement, test participation, test attendance, and teacher certification.

Students can re-test up until the end of 11th grade to reach proficiency. If a student remains below proficient levels after 11th grade a performance-based assessment/project is assigned in 12th grade.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has yet to decide if proficiency on Keystone exams will be a graduation requirement. For more information go here.

ECCS offers students the opportunity to experience what the exam and testing situation will be like with a practice exam. Practice tests are scheduled on the school calendar.