Summer School

Promotion and Retention

Aligned with the Charter School’s Promotion Policy the following procedures outline the protocol for identification of a student who may not be promoted to the next grade and the actions needed to ensure the student stays on target with his/her peer cohort.

To be promoted to the next grade a student must:

  • Achieve an overall average of 70% or above in reading and mathematics.

  • Achieve at basic level on standardized tests.

  • Pass core classes (English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies) with a grade of C or better.

  • Tally no more than 10 unexcused absences.

Students who fail to meet the above criteria may successfully complete an accelerated instruction during extended year (summer school). Criteria for successful completion includes no more than 3 absences and achievement of an overall average of 70% or above for that grade level course.

Summer School 2018

ECCS middle and high school students can complete summer school courses offered by at a cost of $100 per course.

2018 Summer School Information