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We have successfully made it through another half-year of school. Everyone at ECCS is excited in that we are growing. We started the school year with 192 children (our highest ever). Our current enrollment is over 260. That is a growth of over 35%! Thank you to all the families who have found Esperanza Cyber to be the educational solution for their individual needs. A New Family and Community Relations Coordinator! Fred Estrada has a new position! Fred started with ECCS an Academic Coach and was promoted to Director of Student Development after several years. He has served our families and students well in that role. With our commitment to providing a quality education to as many students as we can, Fred has transitioned to the Family and Community Relations Coordinator. In this role, he will keep his eye on enrollment through building stronger partnerships with the community and families, ensure the children who enroll stay with us by improving school retention. He will help to sponsor more school-related events, such as Fun Zones, field trips, and special opportunities for students to socialize and get together. Fred will also be managing our social media presence. Look for us to be more active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Meet our Director of Student Development To fill the vacancy of Director of Student Development, ECCS warmly welcomes Jelissa Carias back into the Esperanza Family. You may remember Jelissa working in the CEO's office as the Special Programs Coordinator. She took a brief break from us when she moved to Boston, but she has returned, and we could not be happier for her to be in this role. Her leadership will certainly foster better relationships with our families. You can reach her at jcarias@esperanzacybercs.net Winter Graduation ECCS is proud to hold its second Winter Graduation ceremony on January 31, 2018. Five excited seniors will take the stage to celebrate a hard-won journey to the end of high school.  First Semester Come to an End January 24 is the last day of the first semester. Students should make sure all their work is completed and submitted before the midnight deadline. Talk to your teachers if you have any questions. We will celebrate those students who reach Honor Roll status with a special event. Stay tuned! Looking to the Future As we continue to grow I am excited about what Esperanza Cyber can become for those families and children who have felt the traditional school model has not worked well for them. Please join us in our growth and help us make our enrollment goal of 300.   
Posted by carolyn.faulkner-beitzel  On Jan 15, 2018 at 10:20 AM 23 Comments