Cyber Education

Cyber education or online/virtual learning is a method to deliver instruction where the student and the teacher are not in the same location. Courses are offered via a web-based learning management system. Enrolling in a cyber-school provides students a flexible pace, schedule, and location to complete graduation requirements. Students may choose several instructional delivery options allowing them to work at their own pace, or work more closely and directly with a teacher on a course schedule, dependent on a review of transcripts and students’ ability to work independently. Teachers are certified and trained to teach in an online environment in turn providing students with 1:1 attention and ongoing communication. Most students who chose a cyber-education do so because of the ability to self-pace their learning and enroll in high-quality and interesting courses.

Esperanza Cyber Charter School provides cyber learning options for students that include:

  • Standards-aligned courses in both synchronous and asynchronous environments

  • High-quality, interactive course material

  • K-12, developmentally appropriate curriculum

  • Differentiated course options

  • Advanced Placement Courses

  • Block Scheduling, enrolling in 3-5 courses each semester

  • Individualized Cyber Learning Plan

  • All courses taught by Pennsylvania certified teachers