Our Program

Individualized Program Planning

Each student is assessed for academic level, an audit of transcripts is conducted, and an interview is completed in order to develop the best educational plan for each person. Students are appropriately placed into the learning delivery method and courses that best fits their needs. Students will continue to work with their Guidance counselor and/or Special Needs coordinators throughout the school year to ensure the original plan continues to be the best option, or if an alternative plan needs to be put in place to ensure that all requirements for graduation are completed. The number of concurrent courses to be completed during each semester is determined by the School’s learning team members, the student, and parents.

The Learning Team consists of the Director/Coordinator of Instruction, Director of Student Development, Guidance Counselors, Special Needs Coordinators for Special Education and English Language Learners, and content teachers.

It is typical for students to enroll in at least 6-8 courses per semester or year in order to stay on-track for graduation requirements. Students can expect to spend as many hours completing an online course as they would the same course in a traditional setting. At minimum, students should expect to spend 5-7 hours per week on each semester-long course.

Instructional Options

Students will be placed in  the following instructional delivery methods:

Grades Kindergarten – 6

Elementary students, K-6, are mandated to have a Home Facilitator, who will help the young student participate in courses. All elementary students, K-6 can only enroll in the Full-Time Synchronous delivery method.

Grades 7-12

  • Full-Time Synchronous – students enrolled in courses that includes attendance and participation in a daily virtual Lesson.

  • Full-Time Asynchronous – students enrolled in courses that includes the review of a recorded daily virtual Lesson.

  • Credit Recovery – based on a pre-assessment, students complete units/modules as needed to fulfill course credit.