Enrollment Documents Required

Esperanza Cyber Charter School’s Enrollment Document Requirements

A child may be enrolled by a parent, foster parent, guardian, or other caregivers with whom the child resides.

Age Requirements:
Kindergarten: Five years old on or before September 1
First Grade: Six years old on or before September 1
Young adults under the age of 21 can enroll.

To enroll in the school complete the Application and provide the FIVE documents required:

1. Proof of child's age
Birth certificate, passport, baptismal records, a legal statement, or prior school records

2. Proof of immunization status
Physician's statement or record. 
PA allows for a medical or religious exemption.
Forms are provided in the Enrollment Packet.

3. Proof of PA residency
Deed, lease, utility bill, vehicle registration, driver's license, or Department of Transportation ID.

4. Discipline Statement
Parents must provide a statement about whether their child has been or is suspended or expelled for offenses involving drugs, alcohol, weapons, infliction of injury or violence on school property.
The form is provided in the Application 

5. Home Language Survey
The form is provided in the Application

To assist in the development of the individualized education plan and for administrative purposes, additional information is needed. Please complete all documents/forms in the Enrollment Packet and provide other documents as needed such as:
Proof of internet service
Report cards, progress reports, or transcripts that show promotion
Special education documents - IEP, evaluations, reports, NOREP
ESL documents - ACCESS scores
PSSA and/or Keystone scores
Medical and Dental exams within the last 12 months
Charter School Enrollment Form
Social Security Card and Medical Insurance, if needed for federal programs

Once the Application is complete an Orientation Date is provided.
Please do not withdraw your child from his/her current school until you have received the Orientation Date.

The Application and Enrollment Packet can be found here.

Helpful Information
Proving Custody: A legal guardian must provide evidence of custody.
Emancipated Minor: Can enroll without parent/guardian consent.
Homeless Youth: Can enroll with an Application; no other enrollment documents are required.
To order a PA birth certificate 
Need a birth certificate from another state? Visit the Vital Records page from the CDC.