How does my child benefit from attending ECCS?
Your child is given an unprecedented degree of accessibility, flexibility, and individualization so he or she can receive a high quality education and prepare for the future.

How will my child communicate with teachers?
ECCS staff are available through e-mail, live Google Chat, virtual tutoring sessions, phone, and in person at the Learning Center.

Does ECCS provide the technology and materials that my child would need to attend the school?
Each enrolled student is loaned a school-issued laptop computer. High speed internet connection is mandatory for enrollment and a portion can be reimbursed. Curriculum and textbooks (where applicable) are provided.

Is there a cost to attend?
ECCS is a public charter school and there is no tuition cost to enroll.

Can anyone enroll in the school?
ECCS is a PA cyber charter school and any student who is a resident of Pennsylvania may apply.

Do credits earned at ECCS transfer to other schools?
ECCS is PDE approved school and all earned credits transfer to any other school.

Does ECCS provide special education or English as a second language support?
ECCS will execute an IEP as required by law and has a special education coordinator on staff to support students. English language learners will receive necessary support to achieve success and are closely monitored by the ESL coordinator.