Parent/Student Handbook



Click here to download the parent student handbook (updated August 1, 2019).

Your child’s success as a student at Esperanza Cyber Charter School (ECCS) depends on the student, parents, teachers and school staff members working cooperatively and communicating effectively. This Parent/Student Handbook, including attendance requirements and the school’s Code of Conduct, is one important tool in helping us achieve that goal. 

The Esperanza Cyber Charter School Parent/Student Handbook contains information that both students and parents will likely need during the school year. Within the Parent/Student Handbook part of this booklet, there are four sections: Introduction, which outlines the mission, vision, and educational philosophy of the school, while introducing the current school year’ Board of Trustees;Parent Information, which outlines ways parents may assist their child and respond to school- related issues and presents the expectations of students; Curriculum-Related Information regarding courses, extracurricular and other activities; and General Information and Requirements, rounding out information for parents on school operations and requirements. Please be aware that the term "the student's parent" is used to refer to the parent, legal guardian, or other person who has agreed to assume school- related responsibility for a student.